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March 21, 2022   |   Human Resources
50+ Employee Company Federal Requirements

Is your company growing? Use this guide as a summary of federal requirements for companies with over fifty (50) employees (as of March 2022) to prepare for that growth. These are all above and beyond laws and regulations that are in place for employers with less than fifty (50) employees.......

October 8, 2020   |   Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership
Women in the Workplace 2020


November 2, 2018   |   Diversity and Inclusion, Human Resources, Leadership, Teaming
Millennials in the Workplace: Seven Tips for Successful Intergenerational Teams

By Dana Harrington, WorkTrain

There is a demographic shift happening, at all types of workplaces and at all levels of employment. With the Baby Boomer retirement wave imminent--and already happening-- it is imperative that companies spend time strategizing how to capitalize on the opportunity that Millennials in the workplace represent. And......


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