Dana Harrington

Dana Harrington
Diversity of human experiences and needs are present within all organizations, helping leaders and employees harness their full potential.

WorkTrain provides specialized programs and trainings focusing on talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion, talent engagement, and professional development. We prepare organizations for forward movement, making them fit for their future, and improve working worlds for their people. Our strategic solutions, guidance and trainings benefit corporations, small businesses, higher education institutions, government, municipalities and nonprofits.

Dana Harrington WorkTrain CEO & Founder

Dana Harrington is a Senior Training and Development Leader with extensive experience working with all organizational levels creating, promoting, and delivering training solutions designed to help organizations move forward. Dana is passionate about creating an inclusive and positive business environment that supports professional development that engages and empowers leaders and employees. She encourages lifelong learning and celebrates the power of organizations that embrace this important value for their leaders and employees. Dana’s outstanding strengths include leadership, communication, facilitation and influencing.

Most recently, Dana was Sr. Recruiter at Champlain College. There she set the strategic talent acquisition program for the College. Dana was brought into this pivotal role to bring her demonstrated capabilities in diversity recruiting and inclusion work, in support of Champlain College’s 2020 plan. In addition, Dana partnered Champlain College’s Training and Development area of Human Resources and took the lead to develop, facilitate and train faculty and staff around diversity and inclusion topics. She was quickly offered accolades for the offerings and enjoys the community and inclusion found in these types of experiences.

Prior to this role, Dana served at the University of Vermont, within the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity designing and delivering successful programs in best practices in faculty and diversity recruiting, leadership development, team building, diversity and inclusion as well as many other topics. In addition to programming and training in her role of Assistant Director, Dana worked as a Title VII and Title IX investigator and trainer, as well as ADA Coordinator. Her work has always been focused on meeting the strategic needs of the organization and its people that she serves and leads.

Dana enjoys taking leadership roles and participating in community. She has served on the State of Vermont Governor’s Workforce Equity & Diversity Council. Dana has been tapped by corporations, institutions of higher education, consortiums, associations, and nonprofits to provide guidance and programming. Public speaking and advising on recruiting practices and diversity and inclusion are passionate pursuits and talks are delivered with humor and grace. Dana has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Vermont. Her graduate level academic work has focused on post-colonial theory and comparative literature.
Dana loves being outdoors and enjoys many great adventures with her family and dogs.
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